Accident at work

 Find out if you are entitled to seek compensation

Accidents at work occur for a wide range of reasons.

Examples can range from employees having to move heavy pieces of furniture around the office, causing back/muscular injury or employees catching their fingers in heavy security machines/doors to employees just falling off an unsecured ladder causing severe injury.

 Aside from obtaining the insurers details from your employer, we do not engage in negotiations for compensation with your employers directly, which will mean that you can carry on with your employment as usual and without any tension!

 There are over 130,000 work related accidents reported each year.

We can provide you with expert legal advice and we deal with your employers Insurers, so as to avoid any unnecessary tension with your employers.

 We make sure to include in your compensation any Loss or Reduced Loss of Earnings you have suffered as a result of your accident along with Special Damages- see below.


  • Were you injured within the last 3 years in England and Wales?
  • Was someone else at fault?
  • Do you have photos/witnesses?
  • Did you see a doctor and/or report the fault?
  • This is your first attempt to try and claim?

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